Gedit PlantUML plugin on Gitlab

I moved the PlantUML plugin I wrote for Gedit a couple of years ago from my personal Subversion server to Gitlab. This allowed me to move the documentation to the code base as well, so now everything is in one central place. Besides that, Git makes it easier for others to contribute to the project.

Object-oriented programming in C – part 2 (Interfaces)

Introduction This article is the second in a small series of articles that explain how object-oriented programming (OOP) can be applied in C in embedded software projects. In the previous article I explained when and why it makes sense to apply the concept of objects in C, and how to implement them. Doing this makes […]

Workbench ready to be used

Woodworker’s workbench ready for use

I’ve finished my woodworker’s workbench to the point where I can use it. Sure, some things are still missing: the IKEA cabinets are still to be placed underneath it and the vice is not installed yet. Nevertheless, now that I have organized my tools around it a bit, the workbench is ready to be used. […]


A little while ago a friend of mine told me he was trying to automate his house using openHAB. He told me he could now control his blinds and curtains amongst other things through an Android app. How cool is that? There was one thing he could not do though, and that was controlling his […]

Object-oriented programming in C – part 1 (Objects)

Introduction Background I intend to write a small series of articles that explain how object-oriented programming (OOP) can be applied and used in C in embedded software projects. I realize that there already exist many articles that cover this subject. However, I found those that I’ve read either incomplete or unclean. Besides that, most of […]

Shrinking executables

A colleague of mine recently mentioned this article from Brian Raiter. The article demonstrates how to reduce the size of an executable by a factor of 85. Here it is, just for fun: A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux 🙂

Choosing the right microcontroller

I came across this interesting article of Jay Carlson (electronics engineer and embedded software developer) in which he extensively reviews various popular and less known microcontrollers. Good reading material for your next embedded project! The Amazing $1 Microcontroller

Trying out if all fits well before the final assembly.

Woodworker’s workbench in progress

This year’s Summer holidays give me the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time on my workbench project. So far it enabled me to finish the construction of the worktop and the three supports it will come to rest on. I’ve already made a start on joining them together in a detachable way. Plenty […]

Gedit logo

Gedit PlantUML plugin 2.0.0 released

Development on the Gedit PlantUML plugin stagnated for while, but the last couple of months I finally managed to find some time to finish the planned redesign. It can be downloaded here. This release targets Gedit3, and has a cleaner and better design. Firstly, it now uses Gedit for detecting when a PlantUML source file […]

Laws of Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development

Last week my colleague Auke Klazema held a short presentation on Test Driven Development (TDD) – you can find it on his website. He already explained me the principles of TDD some weeks earlier, and I was able to implement a small Python module the TDD-way since. My initial experience is that TDD forced me to […]

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