Woodworker’s workbench ready for use

Workbench ready to be used

I’ve finished my woodworker’s workbench to the point where I can use it. Sure, some things are still missing: the IKEA cabinets are still to be placed underneath it and the vice is not installed yet. Nevertheless, now that I have organized my tools around it a bit, the workbench is ready to be used.

Organizing my tools

Organizing my tools

In fact, I am now able to continue the DIY cansolair project I am doing with my father-in-law. He has prepared the hardware, and asked me to do the electronics and software. I will use an Arduino Micro board for controlling the airflow through the solar collector. More on this project in later posts.

Once I’ve placed the cabinets and installed the vice I’ll update the woodworker’s workbench project page.

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