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Gedit PlantUML plugin 2.0.0 released

Development on the Gedit PlantUML plugin stagnated for while, but the last couple of months I finally managed to find some time to finish the planned redesign. It can be downloaded here. This release targets Gedit3, and has a cleaner and better design. Firstly, it now uses Gedit for detecting when a PlantUML source file […]

Two Python ‘features’ I learned today

Every programming language has its own funny, unusual, and good-to-know language constructs. Today, I came to learn two such language constructs in Python. Finding a needle in a haystack Consider the following way to check if a needle exists in a haystack: When run, this will print False, as one would expect, since “Haystack” doesn’t […]

PyCharm Python IDE

Wanneer ik programmeer in C of C++ dan maak ik graag gebruik van een IDE, onder andere vanwege de mogelijkheden die het biedt tot code-completion en refactoring. In het geval van C/C++ gebruik ik veelal Codelite of soms QtCreator. Voor het beetje Python dat ik schreef (voor een PlantUML plugin voor Gedit) gebruikte ik Gedit […]

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