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Object-oriented programming in C – part 1 (Objects)

Introduction Background I intend to write a small series of articles that explain how object-oriented programming (OOP) can be applied and used in C in embedded software projects. I realize that there already exist many articles that cover this subject. However, I found those that I’ve read either incomplete or unclean. Besides that, most of […]

Shrinking executables

A colleague of mine recently mentioned this article from Brian Raiter. The article demonstrates how to reduce the size of an executable by a factor of 85. Here it is, just for fun: A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux 🙂

Choosing the right microcontroller

I came across this interesting article of Jay Carlson (electronics engineer and embedded software developer) in which he extensively reviews various popular and less known microcontrollers. Good reading material for your next embedded project! The Amazing $1 Microcontroller

Generic Data Structures Library in C

Wanneer ik programmeer in C++ maak ik graag gebruik van de Standard Template Library. Voor embedded software systemen geldt echter vaak de verplichting/limitatie tot het programmeren in C in plaats van C++. Ik vroeg me daarom onlangs af of er ook een C-equivalent bestaat voor de C++ STL. Een korte zoektocht naar vrij beschikbare implementaties […]

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