A little while ago a friend of mine told me he was trying to automate his house using openHAB. He told me he could now control his blinds and curtains amongst other things through an Android app. How cool is that? There was one thing he could not do though, and that was controlling his Mertik gas heater. Apparently, there was no openHAB binding available for it yet. My friend did manage to obtain the device’s communication protocol somehow, but being a mechanical engineer, he had no idea how to use it for creating a new binding. He asked me if it would be easy to make the binding for him. I had no idea, but decided to give it a go.

I had not programmed in Java since 2004, so I was glad to see that there’s a ready-to-go Eclipse with openHAB SDK available. Within reasonable time I managed to make something that worked at my friend’s site – I developed it at my own house. He’s very happy with it, and I am happy to have helped him, and to have contributed to an open source project!

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