Gedit PlantUML plugin 2.0.0 released

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Development on the Gedit PlantUML plugin stagnated for while, but the last couple of months I finally managed to find some time to finish the planned redesign. It can be downloaded here.

This release targets Gedit3, and has a cleaner and better design. Firstly, it now uses Gedit for detecting when a PlantUML source file is saved (which triggers the re-generation of the UML), instead of periodically polling the file system. Secondly, it uses a multiprocessing approach to decouple the processing-heavy task of generating UML from Gedit. This greatly improves the responsiveness of Gedit. Lastly, the behavior of the PlantUML Viewer has improved, as it now shows a spinner when UML generation is in progress, and behaves better when moving UML diagrams.

Since most Linux-distro’s (including mine) ship Gedit3 nowadays, I decided to stop the development for the Gedit2 version of the plugin. Its latest development version is still available for download for those who need it.

Enjoy the plugin! If you encounter anything unusual, or would like some feature to be added, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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