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PlantUML plug-in working on Windows

I accidentally stumbled upon a post where it was announced that Gedit 3.18 was made available for the Windows platform. I tried it last week and installed my PlantUML plug-in: it works! (updating the plantuml.jar file is recommended though: see:

Meanwhile I am working on a new revision of the plug-in (gedit-2 only for now – the version used on Linux Mint) that uses multiprocessing in order to not block Gedit when generating the UML diagrams.


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Gedit3 PlantUML plugin 1.2.0

Versie 1.2.0 van de plugin is beschikbaar.

Release notes:

  • Dropped dependency on gedit bottom- and side-panels
  • Dropped dependency on gedit-menu
  • With the above dependencies dropped it should be possible to use the plugin in gedit 3.12 and up as well.
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PlantUML plugin Gedit 1.1.0

Versie 1.1.0 van de plugin is beschikbaar.

Release notes:

  • Updated to latest PlantUML version (8018) .
  • Slightly speeded up diagram generation
  • Moved PlantUML binary to ‘plantuml’ sub-folder.
  • Added license information.
  • Bug fixes
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